What do we do?

A couple of things we are really good at: combine sales experience, commercial attitude, business experience and IT knowledge. That makes for the ideal combination to help you improve the results of your sales and your salesteam.

interim Sales & Sales Management

With loads of experience and sucess in hightech IT Sales, we deliver additional sales capacity, in a flexible way.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM, almost every organisation uses it. From the traditional ‘shoebox full of business cards’ up to CRM in the cloud powered by AI. The fact remains that your CRM should be 100% fit with your current and future business.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is used by big corporates for a long time already and delivers great results. Nowadays the same Marketing Automation is available for smaller businesses. It is important to align it with your business process.

B2B Sales Dashboarding

Realtime insights in your results and forecasts. For HubSpot, pipedrive en SalesForce users, on mobile, tablet, desktop and TV screens.

Companies we work with

What our customers say..

Eric has supported us with designing  and professionalising of our business development. Thanks to his extensive experience in IT and his transparent and goaloriented approach we’ve made significant progression in a short period of time.

Vincent Brouwer