The vision of Optum Nova on CRM, what are the key successfactors of a CRM system.


The services Optum Nova offers to ensure your CRM system is succesfull.


Optum Nova is a businesspartner of a select number of CRM suppliers and offers tools we have developed ourself.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The foundation of your business

CRM as a concept dates from the early 70-s and was baed on conducting surveys and inquiries from customers. In 1982 the concept of Database Marketing was used and already in 1986 the famous ACT! became available. For many the first, real CRM system. 

CRM nowadays is in fact a basis that contains all data from customers and prospects and on top of that a Sales, a Marketing and a Services module. These modules use the CRM data to ensure a consistent customerview and customer experience across the various departments.

Our vision on CRM is that definitely can be a tool to improve your business. Do not consider it as the Golden Nugget, you have to focus on your organisation and people and processes to be able to fully leverage your CRM.

CRM Business Partners

Optum Nova is certified partner of:

Since it started in 2015 it has rapidly become one of the most succesfull CRM solutions. A complete cloudbased solution for CRM, Sales, Marketing and Service