Active in B2B and you need more and better business results? 

Who would not want that, more business? The question is how? We believe that you should work smarter and not necessarily more or harder. 

Working smart is using tools that help you in better and faster connecting with your prospects and customers and combine that with an efficient sales and marketing process.

The expertise and experience of Optum Nova is in B2B and primarily in the Hightech (IT)  Sales. This industry is wellknown for its innovative methods and techniques and is therefor of added value in other verticals as well.

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New product, new market?

Are you a startup, having your first product or service and a first customer? Or are you an established company that plans to bring a new product to the market? Or enter a new market, local or international? Optum Nova helps out with providing additional sales capacity to execute.

Lack of capacity?

Do you lack (temporarily) capacity in your team and you can’t reach a full team in time?We can, on interim basis, join your team and the moment your team is back in place we hand over so you provide continuity to your customers.

Need to scale up fast?

CRM and Marketing Automation can help you to have a relevant dialogue with your customers at large scale. To use this succesfully you need more than just a tool. Your sales and marketing processess need to fit seamlessly to really leverage the additional posibilities. With our experience we support you in this process.

Managing or coaching your team?

Every organisation, from time to time, needs an extra boost to drive results. The ‘old’ way of working might not be the most effective nowadays, or there is a lack of inspiration and creativity. We give your team that additional boost by managing or coaching them.

 Improve customer insight, need more control?

Almost every organisation uses CRM, be it a Rolodex or a full fletch SalesForce implementation. Whether you want to start with CRM or want to better utilise your existing CRM, we help you out.