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"Sell and market like a Fortune 500 Company"

We support B2B companies to grow their business. With our experience in B2B Hightech IT we deliver services and solutions that improve and accelerate your sales, delivering more and better results.


Commercially supporting your organisation and help it grow, that is what Optum Nova does. We do that by combining our 25+ years of experience with the latest insights and (technical) solutions and tools. We have gained our experience in the IT software industry, wellknow for its innovative execution of Sales and Salesprocesses.

With a select portfolio of solutions and services we help  you further improve your sales and salesprocess, generate more and better leads, improve your conversion rate and close business faster.

Interim Sales & Sales Management

Introducing a new product or serviceline and need more salespower, or just need to build your pipeline and improve conversionrates? An experienced Sales Manager who can lead your team?

Customer Relationship Management

CRM is used in every organisation nowadays. Are you new to CRM or should it be utilized better?Need more reporting and dashboard specifically for sales?

Planning & Forecasting

Insights in your business are crucial to navigate your company to the best possible outcome. Our solutions provide you with realtime Dashboards targeted at each stakeholder (Employees, investors, management) that provide that insight. Furthermore we partner with Planr to drive AI-powered insights that really tell you where your are and where you’re heading!


Experience matters, staying relevant and succesfull is as important

Experience counts but only if you combine it with the everyday intent to stay up-to-date in your profession and trade.  With experience in helping organisations transition from Technology to Solution, from Productdriven to Customerfocused and off course all modern CRM and (online) marketing techniques and tools we provide a substantional contribution to your success.

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Guide and support your organisation to achieve your goals, in a pragmatic and realistic way, that is what we do best!

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